Date of Posting: 07 April 2016
Posted By: Beach Bungalow Resort Beach Bungalow Resort, Anna Maria Island

Oasis & Avante Transportation provides 80% of the airport transportation for our guest. They are wonderful, always the best.

Date of Posting: 18 July 2016
Posted By: Pat Harrison Sarasota, Florida

Extremely professional and helpful. I appreciated getting picked on time, in fact you were early Your service is easy to use and very friendly, hands down. Thanks!

Date of Posting: 18 March 2010
Posted By: Mrs. Keller Sarasota, Florida

Oasis Transportation has meet every need that I have had. Very professional and great rates.

Date of Posting: 18 July 2009
Posted By: Nancy Walker Sarasota, Florida

My last minute business trip went smoothly thanks to your fantastic services. Thanks for all the following up and getting me to exactly where I needed to be while saving money.

Date of Posting: 10 July 2015
Posted By: Mrs. Lister Sarasota, Florida

Oasis Transportation does all the transportation for our resort ( Tropical Breeze, Siesta Key, Florida). They are always on time and give the finest service to our guest. Their prices are most reasonable.